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OUT OF DATE. The sad truth is that our Myspace page has outrun this website in terms of usefulness vs. how much time we can spend posting updates.

This page will not be updated very regularly. Please check here for the latest.

MAY 2007

LOTS OF NEWS. Well fuck me runnin'!

NEW LINEUP. Guitarist Eddie Winter and drummer Ian "the Pit Viper" Sugierski have boarded this one-way mission to the gutter! They are thirsty, horny, and downright vicious. SUPERCHRIST has never sounded heavier, and we're ready to prove it to you.

NEW SHOWS. Please check here or on Myspace for some upcoming shows this summer. Visits to Chicago, Boston, and Pennsylvania are a priority this summer, and who knows where else. We are especially looking forward to making some new friends in Lansing, Michigan.

NEW LABEL. We've signed with the new German label ROCK SAVIOUR RECORDS for the European release of Headbanger. It will be available from us directly in the US. We're hoping for a release by late May or early June. About fucking time!

We now have Back & Black CDs back in stock, with new shirts on the way as well.


NEW ALBUM. After taking engineer Matt Crooks straight to hell and back during the end of December, we can confirm that our new album is finally recorded! After some unspeakable delays, our one-time all-star lineup finally knocked it out.

We are looking toward an April release on a very reputable German label. We have an informal agreement and are waiting for our attorneys to certify the deal before it can be confirmed. Plans for the LP version include our version of "Fire Down Under" as the bonus track. JP Fournier has already completed the fantastic album artwork, and we'll reveal it shortly!

NEW PHOTOS. Check out the one-time all-star lineup on the photos page. AND NO, V. Dee does not do birthday parties. Lesbian bachelorette parties, yes, but only in certain states.

NEW INTERVIEW. Madman metal journalist extraordinaire Dave Burns recently stopped pissing on a stack of Decibel magazines long enough to interview Professor Black in depth about all of the band's activities for the last year. Check it out here.

BACK & BLACK was reissued as planned, despite appearances to the contrary. We are out of copies, and the label has not been very responsive to our requests for more.

OUR EARLY RECORDINGS will be anthologized this year via a much cooler label. This will include the Dark & Dirty album, the We Kill demo, and other assorted hellfire. Details as the release is closer.


Our first single is upon you! It's a 7" featuring the songs "Ladycutter" and "Baby Blood", which some of you have already heard live. Famine Records only made 500 of these little fuckers on red vinyl, so contact them soon if you want one. Famine is also doing a lot of trades with worldwide underground distributors, so check with your local dealer first. Naturally, we have some copies for sale too.

Lady Cutter

These songs will NOT be on the new album, but we can announce some details about it now. As you know, the title is Headbanger. The lineup will be Chris Black (bass/vocals), Ron Rokken (guitars), and V. Dee (drums.) Ron is a guitar maniac from the east coast, and V. is actually the drummer from Heavy Metal Tonight. Release date and label to be confirmed, but the studio session begins on November 4th. The songs on the 7" are a good preview of the new material, but the throbbing organ from "Ladycutter" will probably not appear again... Or will it?

Here is the tracklist for the new album: